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Software: Dreamweaver sftp connection issue

If Dreamweaver errors on connecting to your SFTP site do the following: 1. Verify your username and password. 2. Test it manually from a putty or filezilla type program to make certain your credentials work. 3. Reenter the data into Dreamweaver’s site management – server section. 4. Try to connect from Dreamweaver – If the

Wireshark: Extracting SSL certificates

Here are the steps for extracting an SSL certificate. 1. Make sure the setting “Allow subdissector to reassemble TCP streams” is on in the TCP protocol preferences (This is selected by default) 2. Then go to the packet which contains the SSL handshake message “Certificate” 3. In the packet detail pane, expand the SSL protocol

Citrix: Installing Citrix Receiver 13 on Ubuntu 14.04 (x64)

This was taken from a 13.04 install guide.¬† If you run into dependency problems when installing it on 14.04 be sure to use “sudo apt-get -f install” to correct any issues.   1. Download Citrix Receiver¬† 64bit .deb package from Citrix website. Link 2. Modify the downloaded .deb package as shown in the steps below

Microsoft Excel: Select a row containing a specific text with a Macro

The following code will select rows that contain a certain text in one of its cells Sub SelectManyRows() Dim CatchPhrase As String Dim WholeRange As String Dim AnyCell As Object Dim RowsToSelect As String CatchPhrase = “Text you are looking for” ‘first undo any current highlighting Selection.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeLastCell).Select WholeRange = “A1:” & ActiveCell.Address Range(WholeRange).Select On Error

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