July 26

Firefox: Your connection is not secure – certificate warning

When trying to access an internal secured url Firefox may warn you that the connection is insecure while IE works just fine.

This is due to the fact that Firefox uses its on certificate store and your company’s root CA is not a part of this.

To fix the issue do the following:

Start Firefox and type: about:config into the address field

Find: security.enterprise_roots.enabled

and set it to true.

You are now fixed.

You can deploy the configuration enterprise wide by doing the following:

  1. In the Firefox installation folder, go to defaults\pref\ folder and create a new file with the following:
  2. /* Allows Firefox reading Windows certificates */
    pref(“security.enterprise_roots.enabled”, true);
  3. Save it with .js extension, e.g. trustwincerts.js and restart Firefox. The entry will appear in about:config for all users.
  4. Push this out with AD or your favorite tool

By: F Peña
Edited by: Timothy Conrad

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Posted July 26, 2017 by Timothy Conrad in category "Software

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