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V7000: Check the enclosure battery status

To see the charge state of the enclosure batteries located in the Power supplies of the Gen 1 V7000 use the following command from the CLI. lsenclosurebattery Example: IBM_Storwize:v7000:superuser>lsenclosurebattery enclosure_id battery_id status charging_status recondition_needed percent_charged end_of_life_warning 1 1 online idle no 100 no 1 1 online idle no 100 yes

V7000: Change volume space warning percentage from the command line

V7000 Storewize OS Changing the volume space warning percentage from the command line. Log into your V7000 though the CLI using putty or your favorite ssh client. Use the following command to list the volume configuration settings: lsvdisk V7000-DISK1-2000TB-FileServerVolume Use the following command to change the volume space warning percentage: chvdisk -warning 90% V7000-DISK1-2000TB-FileServerVolume

V7000: Updating Storwize V7000 drive code

************************************************************************** Update 17/12/2011: Until the flash is updated showing how to avoid this issue, only update drive firmware when installing a new machine or if all hosts are offline. ************************************************************************** IBM recently released new drive firmware for the Storwize V7000, so I thought I would share the process of how I update that firmware.   


SVCMON is a perl based SAN monitoring solution for IBM. General Installation notes(Note that there will be newer version available): 2-1. Install Linux svcmon is tested with the following Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 installation. [[email protected] bin]# cat /proc/version Linux version 2.6.18-92.el5 ([email protected]) (gcc version 4.1.2 20071124 (Red Hat 4.1.2-41)) #1 SMP Tue Apr 29 13:16:12

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