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Welcome to Techpository.  This is a personal repository of helpful information.  Content on this site is both self-created and copied from other resources.  We try to make sure we give credit where credit is due.  Use the information on this site at your own risk.

VMWARE: Datastore fails to unmount due to a locked file

When trying to unmount a datastore in VMWARE an error occurs due to a file still existing on the datastore. The file will not delete in the GUI or from the cli. 1. Discovering a file is lock # rm VDI-Desktop-028-vdm-disposable-4f70ddb4-6699-4649-85e0-d1fce33f6e0a.vmdk rm: can’t remove ‘VDI-Desktop-028-vdm-disposable-4f70ddb4-6699-4649-85e0-d1fce33f6e0a.vmdk’: Device or resource busy 2. Look to see what has


Linux: Testing a samba printing connection with smbclient

I had a case where our AIX system would not print to a Windows 7 print share. I wanted to test it from a Linux workstations. Here is a brief process: 1. sudo apt-get install smbclient 2. touch testing123.txt 3. smbclient // -U sambauser -W mydomain -c “print testing123.txt” –debuglevel=10 The debuglevel was an important


Windows: Installing Service pack 2 on Windows 2003 Server fails with Access denied.

If you tried to install SP2 on Windows 2003 you might have run into a problem with an Access Denied error. Check the file: c:\windows\updspapi.log. You will see that there is a problem deleting a registry key: #-086 Deleting registry value “HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SvcHost\wugroup” #E033 Error 5: Access is denied. The problem is that the administrators


Hardware: Kronos Time Clock SDCARD fix

You can save yourself a ton of money by repairing Kronos time clocks yourself vs replacing them or sending them in for repair. Over the years I have discovered the main thing to break on an Intouch time clock is the SDCARD. After a few years of use the SDCARD in the Kronos time clocks


Programming: A powershell way to check to see if a service has stopped and then start it.

To check to see if a service is running and then start it if it is not, create a powershell file with the following code. $ServiceName = ‘YourExactServiceName’ $arrService = Get-Service -Name $ServiceName while ($arrService.Status -ne ‘Running’) { Start-Service $ServiceName write-host $arrService.status write-host ‘Service starting’ Start-Sleep -seconds 60 $arrService.Refresh() if ($arrService.Status -eq ‘Running’) { Write-Host


Windows: Create a batch file that logs users into their home directory on demand

The following batch script can be used to log on users to their home directory on demand.  This can be good for businesses that use Kiosk’s with generic logons, but still need to give users access to their home drives. @echo off set /p userid=”Enter your username: ” C:\Windows\System32\runas.exe /user:riverview\%userid% “explorer.exe \”\\fiiservers1\Home\%userid%””


Software: Dreamweaver sftp connection issue

If Dreamweaver errors on connecting to your SFTP site do the following: 1. Verify your username and password. 2. Test it manually from a putty or filezilla type program to make certain your credentials work. 3. Reenter the data into Dreamweaver’s site management – server section. 4. Try to connect from Dreamweaver – If the