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VMWARE: Datastore fails to unmount due to a locked file

When trying to unmount a datastore in VMWARE an error occurs due to a file still existing on the datastore. The file will not delete in the GUI or from the cli. 1. Discovering a file is lock # rm VDI-Desktop-028-vdm-disposable-4f70ddb4-6699-4649-85e0-d1fce33f6e0a.vmdk rm: can’t remove ‘VDI-Desktop-028-vdm-disposable-4f70ddb4-6699-4649-85e0-d1fce33f6e0a.vmdk’: Device or resource busy 2. Look to see what has

V7000: Updating Storwize V7000 drive code

************************************************************************** Update 17/12/2011: Until the flash is updated showing how to avoid this issue, only update drive firmware when installing a new machine or if all hosts are offline. ************************************************************************** IBM recently released new drive firmware for the Storwize V7000, so I thought I would share the process of how I update that firmware.   

Virtualization: Virtualbox command line options and control

Controlling the VirtualBox VM Now that we have VirtualBox installed and a VM guest created we need to control and modify the VM How to List VM information How to show the VirtualBox VM info vmadmin$ VBoxManage showvminfo <vmname> How to show the VM Harddrive info vmadmin$ VBoxManage showhdinfo <filename> How to list running VM

DS3200: Storage Manager commands

When in the IBM DS Storage Manager Enterprise management client you can run scripts to check the status and execute commands on the DS series storage systems. 1. Login 2. Go to Tools – Execute scripts 3. Type in your command in the upper script editor window 4. Click Tools – Execute Only Command Examples:

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