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Windows: Convert to MBR drive to GPT

Prerequisites A computer able to boot UEFI. You can check that on your computer manufacturer. Also in the BIOS setup should display UEFI boot options. Windows 7/8 x64 (I’m not sure if x86 supports it or how). A computer able to boot from USB or memory card (only for this process). A USB drive or

Linux: Testing a samba printing connection with smbclient

I had a case where our AIX system would not print to a Windows 7 print share. I wanted to test it from a Linux workstations. Here is a brief process: 1. sudo apt-get install smbclient 2. touch testing123.txt 3. smbclient // -U sambauser -W mydomain -c “print testing123.txt” –debuglevel=10 The debuglevel was an important

Windows: Installing Service pack 2 on Windows 2003 Server fails with Access denied.

If you tried to install SP2 on Windows 2003 you might have run into a problem with an Access Denied error. Check the file: c:\windows\updspapi.log. You will see that there is a problem deleting a registry key: #-086 Deleting registry value “HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SvcHost\wugroup” #E033 Error 5: Access is denied. The problem is that the administrators

Windows: When running task scheduler the Last Run Result is 0x1

I personally found this issue to be a problem in Windows 7 when trying to run a batch file. The fix was to make certain you have the path to your .bat file in the “Start in (optional):” Text Field. Apparently this is not so optional. By: TConrad

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