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Microsoft Excel: Select a row containing a specific text with a Macro

The following code will select rows that contain a certain text in one of its cells Sub SelectManyRows() Dim CatchPhrase As String Dim WholeRange As String Dim AnyCell As Object Dim RowsToSelect As String CatchPhrase = “Text you are looking for” ‘first undo any current highlighting Selection.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeLastCell).Select WholeRange = “A1:” & ActiveCell.Address Range(WholeRange).Select On Error

Citrix: [ERROR] : machine architecture could not be decided

When integrating Citrix Receiver into my own Linux distribution working in a chroot environment, I was running into a machine architecture error. Notes from a Citrix blog: I had same problem. I traced the issue in hinst script in linuxx86 directory. For me uname -m gives x86_64 which is no understood by this part of

Software: Other Applications: Wireshark Capture Filter Examples

Capture only traffic to or from IP address host Capture traffic to or from a range of IP addresses: net or net mask Capture traffic from a range of IP addresses: src net or src net mask Capture traffic to a range of IP addresses: dst net

Software: Other Applications: Wireshark Display Filter Examples

  DISPLAY FILTER EXPLANATION EXAMPLE eth.addr source or destination mac-address eth.addr == 00:1a:6b:ce:fc:bb eth.src source mac-address eth.src == 00:1a:6b:ce:fc:bb eth.dst destination mac-address eth.dst == 00:1a:6b:ce:fc:bb arp.dst.hw_mac target mac-address arp.dst.hw_mac == 00:1a:6b:ce:fc:bb arp.dst.proto_ipv4 target IPv4 address arp.dst.proto_ipv4 == arp.src.hw_mac sender mac-address arp.src.hw_mac == 00:1a:6b:ce:fc:bb arp.src.proto_ipv4 sender IPv4 address arp.src.proto_ipv4 == vlan.id vlan ID vlan.id

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