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eth.addr source or destination mac-address eth.addr == 00:1a:6b:ce:fc:bb
eth.src source mac-address eth.src == 00:1a:6b:ce:fc:bb
eth.dst destination mac-address eth.dst == 00:1a:6b:ce:fc:bb
arp.dst.hw_mac target mac-address arp.dst.hw_mac == 00:1a:6b:ce:fc:bb
arp.dst.proto_ipv4 target IPv4 address arp.dst.proto_ipv4 ==
arp.src.hw_mac sender mac-address arp.src.hw_mac == 00:1a:6b:ce:fc:bb
arp.src.proto_ipv4 sender IPv4 address arp.src.proto_ipv4 ==
vlan.id vlan ID vlan.id == 16
ip.addr source or destination IPv4 address ip.addr ==
ip.dst destination IPv4 address ip.addr ==
ip.src source IPv4 address ip.src ==
ip.proto IP protocol (decimal) ip.proto == 1
ipv6.addr source or destination IPv6 address ipv6.addr == 2001::5
ipv6.src source IPv6 address ipv6.addr == 2001::5
ipv6.dst destination IPv6 address ipv6.dst == 2001::5
tcp.port source or destination TCP port tcp.port == 20
tcp.dstport destination TCP port tcp.dstport == 80
tcp.srcport source TCP port tcp.srcport == 60234
udp.port source or destination UDP port udp.port == 513
udp.dstport destination UDP port udp.dstport == 513
udp.srcport source UDP port udp.srcport == 40000
fr.dlci Frame-Relay DLCI number fr.dlci == 112
icmp.type ICMP type code (decimal) icmp.type == 8
vtp.vlan_info.vlan_name VLAN name vtp.vlan_info.vlan_name == TEST
bgp.originator_id BGP id (IPv4 address) bgp.originator_id ==
bgp.next_hop BGP Next Hop (IPv4 address) bgp.next_hop ==
rip.ip RIP IPv4 address rip.ip ==
ospf.advrouter OSPF advertising router ID ospf.advrouter ==
eigrp.as EIGRP autonomous system number eigrp.as == 100
hsrp.virt_ip HSRP virtual IP address hsrp.virt_ip ==
vrrp.ip_addr VRRP virtual IP address vrrp.ip_addr ==
zebra.dest4 ZEBRA destination IPv4 address zebra.dest4 ==
wlan.addr source or destination MAC address wlan.addr == 00:1a:6b:ce:fc:bb
wlan.sa source MAC address wlan.sa == 00:1a:6b:ce:fc:bb
wlan.da destination MAC address wlan.da == 00:1a:6b:ce:fc:bb

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