April 6

Microsoft Exchange Server: Auto Accept Agent is not working properly after migration

After migrating our Exchange Server, Calendar requests were not responding.  The Auto Accept Agent must be installed first

The Auto Accept agent for Exchange Server 2003 is a separate download and install from Microsoft.
This agent is required for Outlook to automatically populate the Calendar requests and respond.

Install the agent with Defaults
Chose to run the service account as Local System
To get this service to run properly you should deregister the mailboxes and reregister them:

cscript RegisterMailbox.vbs /f:Mailboxes.txt /u /DEBUG
cscript RegisterMailbox.vbs /f:Mailboxes.txt /DEBUG
Note: RegisterMailbox.vbs and ResourceMailboxes.txt are located in Program FilesExchsrvrAgentAutoAccept
Mailboxes.txt contains a list of the mailboxes that were previously registered

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