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Citrix: Installing Citrix Receiver 13 on Ubuntu 14.04 (x64)

This was taken from a 13.04 install guide.  If you run into dependency problems when installing it on 14.04
be sure to use “sudo apt-get -f install” to correct any issues.


1. Download Citrix Receiver  64bit .deb package from Citrix website. Link

2. Modify the downloaded .deb package as shown in the steps below
dpkg-deb -x icaclient_13.0.0.256735_amd64.deb ica_temp/
dpkg-deb –control icaclient_13.0.0.256735_amd64.deb ica_temp/DEBIAN

3. Now you need to remove the ia32-libs and libasound2 dependencies by editing the control file. I use vim, you can use gedit. Look for the line “Depends: libc6-i386 (>= 2.7-1) ” and change to “Depends: libc6-i386 (>= 2.7-1), lib32z1, nspluginwrapper”
vim ica_temp/DEBIAN/control

4. Once done, repackage the file back to .deb
dpkg -b ica_temp icaclient_13.0.0.256735_amd64-modified.deb

5. Install the dependencies required
sudo apt-get install nspluginviewer nspluginwrapper libXp6:i386

6. Install Citrix Receiver modified .deb package
sudo dpkg -i icaclient_13.0.0.256735_amd64-modified.deb

7. Ignore the nspluginwrapper segmentation fault (if any)

By: S. Das

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