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Windows: Expand a disk using Dell's extpart

extpart is an excellent disk expansion tool especially if you are working with earlier Windows systems that do not allow for easy disk expansion like Windows 2003 servers system partition.

ExtPart (By downloading this software you are agreeing that you are using it at your own risk.)

Steps for finding free space available on a volume,
Right-click My Computer and choose Manage
Highlight Device Manager
Expand the Disk Drives section
Right click the hard disk and choose Properties
Click the Volumes tab
Click Populate
The Unallocated space is the number in MB you can use when using the extpart utility to expand the boot volume.
You may now expand your partition using extpart.

Using Dells’s Expart:
extpart c: 30718

note: If you get the error Unable to connect to c: or it does not exist then try restarting Windows in safe mode.
If the Disk Management Console is open or VMware tools are running, close them because they are the primary causes of this error.
note: If using VMware remember to expand the boot volume using Virtual Infrastructure Client first before running extpart in your VM.

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