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Windows: BDE Drive Removal / Extending you drive

So you want to extend your C: drive, but you discover a BDE partition is in your way.   You have discovered the Bitlocker partition.  As nice as Bitlocker is, the location of it’s partition will stop you from extending your hard drive.  Along with this if you look at this partition in Drive Manager you will notice something very important.  The BDE partition is the Active, System partition. If you boot up in Gparted and delete it, you will be in for some recovery headache.  The following is the best way that I have found to get rid of the BDE partition.

1. If you have have “Bitlockered” your drive you will need to decrypt it before preceding.
2. Start the Command prompt as “Administrator”
3. Run: bcdboot c:windows /s c: (This assumes you have installed the OS using defaults)
4. Run: diskpart
5. Type: list disk
6. Type: select disk 0
7. Type: list part
8. Type: select part 1
9. Type: activate part
This did not work for me like it should have, so I used the GUI:
Open Computer Management
On the left, under Storage, click Disk Management.
Right-click the primary partition that you want to make active, click Mark Partition as Active, and then click Yes.
10. Reboot (Upon login it may ask you to reboot one more time for computer changes to take effect.)
11. Log in
12. Start the Command prompt as “Administrator”
13. Run: diskpart
14. Type: list disk
15. Type: select disk 0
16. Type: list part (verify the partition number you would like to delete.)
17. Type: select part 2
18. Type: list part(Verify you have select the right partition you are about to delete)
19. Type: delete part

You can now extend you C: drive

By: nighthawk and J Banerjee