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Windows 8: Resetting a wireless adapter when a PC wakes up

As of 1/5/2015 the Surface Pro 3 still has wireless problems when waking up from sleep.
One way to address this is by resetting the wireless adapter when the PC wakes up.
The following process is based on capturing the wake up event and then running a script to reset the wireless adapter when this event occurs.

If you have not already done so, setup up powershell to execute scripts along with the already set interactive commands.

Prepare your powershell environment

1. Start powershell as administrator
2. enter: set-executionpolicy RemoteSigned
3. When prompted, select y and press enter to accept the policy change


Setting up the automated process
4. In notepad, create a Powershell file called resetwifi.ps1 and put it in a folder you can remember. eg: c:scriptsresetwifi.ps1
5. Save the following command in the file: get-netadapter “wi-fi” | restart-netadapter

6. Start the task scheduler
7. select Event Viewer, right click, select Create Basic Task
8. Name it: resetwifi
9. Click Next
10. Select When a specific event is logged
11. Click Next
12. Click Log: System, Source: Power-Troubleshooter, Type: Event ID: 1
13. Click Next
14. Select Start a Program
15. Under Program/script type: powershell, Add arguments: -command c:scriptsresetwifi.ps1
16. Click Next
17. Checkmark Open the Properties dialogue for this task when I click Finish
18. Click Finish
19. Under the General tab select Run whether user is logged on or not
20. Enter your password
21. Select Run with highest privileges
22. Select the Conditions tab and remove the checkmark under Power Start the task only if the computer is on AC
23. Click OK

Next time you press the power button to wake up your computer the wifi adapter will be restarted.

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