May 25

V7000: The Storage Tier Advisor Tool – Checking Eastier drive stats

At present (2012) IBM does not provide much of a tools set for analyzing Easytier SSD usage.

You can get a fair assessment by using the “Storage Tier Advisor Tool”  StorageDisk-2076-STAT

1. After downloading and installing this goto a command line
2. cd Program FilesIBMSTAT
3. Now log into the V7000 GUI and goto Settings – Support
4. Below the Download Support Package click on “Show Full Log Listing”
5. Find  /dumps/dpa_heat.## – look for the one with the most resent time stamp
6. Right click on the file and download it.
7. Move this downloaded file to Program FilesIBMSTAT
8. From the command line type stat dpa_heat.WhateverNumbersAndLettersAreHere – an index.html files will be created
9. Display the index.html file in your web browser

One of the most useful pages is the Volume Heat Distribution.  Be prepared with a to use your Hex to Decimal converter to match up the  Volume ID of the report with Volume ID of the V7000 GUI interface.

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