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V7000: Easytier on a volume

After setting up easytier on your pools, you will more than likely need to turn it off on individual volumes that you do not want consuming the currently very expensive SSD drives.

Log into your V7000 through the CLI
1. Type: chvdisk -easytier off NameOfYourVolume
2. Migrate the volume to a new storage pool that does not use easytier and then migrate it back.

This migration pulls the data off of the SSDs to free up the used space.

To verify whether easytier is turn off on a volume through the GUI do the following:
1. Log into the V7000 GUI
2. Click on the Volume Icon
3. Scroll down to the volume in question and right click on it – then click properties
4. Make certain the “Show Details” box is check at the lower left hand part of the pop-up window
5. At the upper right hand corner you will your storage pool listed. ┬áThe Easy Tier Status should show “measured”.

Volumes running easytier will show Easy Tier Status: Active