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V7000: Global Mirror with Change Volumes – FlashCopy NoCopy

FlashCopy NoCopy Setup

IBM calls this a Global Mirror with Change Volumes

The main purpose for this is to lessen the resource use between two V7000 during the mirroring process.
A standard global mirror on a busy or performance miss matched V7000’s can cause 1920 error and stop the mirroring process.
Global Mirror with Change Volumes helps eleviate this problem by on sending changes and only sending when it can.
If a mirror process is missed it will try again every 300 seconds by default.

On the source V7000 – Choose which volume you want to mirror
On the target V7000 – Create a volume with the same name and size of the source volume.

On the source V7000
Create an new consistency group
Copy Services
Remote Copy
Click New Consistency Group
Enter the Name – Next
Select On another system, Select the target V7000 – Next
If you are ready to add a relationship to this group select yes – Next
Select Global Mirror with Change Volumes – Next
Select the Master and Auxiliary Volumes (Should be the same name) – Add
Select Yes to add a master Volume – Next
Select Create a new master volume – Finish
Click Next, unless you want to add more Volumes to the consistency group
Select No, the volumes are not synchronized – Next
Select No, do not start copying – Finish

On the target V7000
Goto – Copy Services
Remote Copy
Expand the new consistency group with the plus
Right Click on the new relationship (eg. rcrel22)
Select Global Mirror Changes Volumes – Click Create New

On the source V7000
Right Click on the new consitency group – Click Start

Useful commands CLI:
lsrcconsistgrp – Mirrors marked cycling mode are your Global Mirror with Change Volumes
lsrcrelationship 5 – Or the appropriate number of a Global Mirror with Change Volumes