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Linux: Satellite – Configuring a new ESXi host

== Process ==
===Adding a new ESXI host into satellite.===
 1. In VCENTER make certain that the new ESXi host has all of the appropriate setting configure:
 2. Select the server name
 3. Click on the configure tab
 4. Scroll down to Networking - TCP/IP Configuration
 5. On the right windows select the Defalt TCP/IP stack
 6. Click edit
 7. Fill out all parameters.  The most import field for it to show up in Satellite is the Domain.  It must have the full domain name here (eg.
===Purchase the needed Red Hat licenses===

===Assign license entitlements on the Red Hat Web Site===
 1. Log into the Red Hat Customer portal, Select Subscription Allocations
 2. Select the Satellite server name:
 3. Click on the Subscriptions tab
 4. Goto the Subscription Name of the product that the entitlement needs to be added
 5. Under Entitlements - Set the number of entitlemes you want to assign for that Subscription Name
===Download the new manifest into the Satellite server===
 1. In satellite goto click the Content tab then click Red Hat Subscriptions
 2. Click the Manage Manifest button  (Top Right)
 3. Click the Refesh Manifest button
===Configure virt-who===
 1. On the terminal of the Satellite server execute: nano /etc/virt-who.d/one.conf
 2. Under filter_hosts add the additional server(s) FQDN
 3. Save your changes
 4. Run the following commands:
        systemctl stop virt-who
        virt-who --one-shot
        systemctl start virt-who
===Attach licenses to hosts===
 1. Sometimes this will work automatically, but this is a good section to know in case you have to change any licensing also.
 2. In satellite goto click the Hosts tab
 3. Find the ESXi server name that was discovered by virt-who (eg.
 4. Click on the server name
 5. Click the Content button
 6. Click the Subscriptions tab and select Subscriptions
 7. If the Service Level is empty click Add
 8. Put a check mark next to the subscription you want to apply and click the Add Selected button
 9. Now under the List/Remove tab your subscription should show as applied to this server
===Enable notifications for hosts===

 1. In satellite goto click the Hosts tab
 2. Place a check mark next the the servers that need enabled
 3. Click the Select Action tab 
 4. Select Enable Notifications

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