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Linux: Finding a File containing with a particular text (grep)

grep command form (syntax)

grep “text string to search” directory-path


For example search for a string called redeem reward in all text files located in /home/tom/*.txt directory, use
$ grep "redeem reward" /home/tom/*.txt

Task: Search all subdirectories recursively

You can search for a text string all files under each directory, recursively with -roption:
$ grep -r "redeem reward" /home/tom

Task: Only print filenames

By default, grep command prints the matching lines You can pass -H option to print the filename for each match.
$ grep -H -r “redeem reward” /home/tom

filename.txt: redeem reward

To just print the filename use cut command as follows:
$ grep -H vivek /etc/* -R | cut -d: -f1


By: Nixcraft