November 19

Linux: Docker cheat sheet

Docker images

docker images

run image:
docker run full/image/name:version

docker commit changes:
docker commit container-id full/image/name:version

removing images (linked containers need removed first)
docker rmi image-id

save container:
docker export container-id > imagename.tar

load an container:
cat imagename.tar | docker import – full/image/name:version

save image:
docker save full/image/name:version > imagename.tar

load an image:
sudo docker load < imagename.tar

Docker containers

docker ps -a

execute something within a container:
docker exec -it container-id /bin/bash

run detached:
docker run -d

docker run -it imagename /bin/bash (interacively start bash)

stop a container:
docker stop container-id

removing container
docker rm container-id

Detaching from a container and leave it running
Ctrl+p, Ctrl+q will now turn interactive mode into daemon mode.

Attach to a container
docker attach container-id

Connect inside a container
docker exec -it container-id /bin/bash

Automatically remove a container on exit
docker run –rm -it imagename /bin/bash

Example Commands Explained

docker run -d -p 5901:5901 -v /etc/machine-id:/etc/machine-id fedora/firefox:version3

docker run -d(detaches the images bringing you back to the host machines command prompt after the container starts) -p(attaches the host ports to the image ports) -v(mounts the local machine ID to the container machine ID) runs a new container off of the image.

docker ps -a

docker ps(list containers and their information including the ID) -a(all)

docker exec -it a42c2a44b79f /bin/bash

docker exec(execute a command in a container) -i(interactive – Keep STDIN open even if not attached) -t(tty – Allocate a pseudo-TTY or a pty) container-id

docker stop a42c2a44b79f

docker stop(Stop the container. The container will be forced stoppeed within 10 seconds unless a delay is specified) container-id

docker rm a42c2a44b79f

docker rm(remove a container) container-id

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