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Linux: Installing Citrix Receiver in Ubuntu

Installing the Citrix Presentation Server Client
on Ubuntu

Even though I use Ubuntu exclusively there are times when I need to use
Windows based applications to get tasks done. Fortunately for me I work in a
University environment that is tolerant towards users who use operating
systems other than Windows. For the few applications of this type that I have
to use I have access to a Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server, a product that
I now believe is called XenApp.
To use this server I need to use the Citrix Presentation Server Client for Linux.
Installing the software is relatively easy. This is the procedure that I’ve used:
Install the required libmotif3 package from the 1. Ubuntu repositories
2. Download the en.linuxx86.tar.gz file from Citrix website
3. Extract the contents of the archive
4. Open a command terminal
5. Navigate to the directory that contains the extracted file
6. Execute the setupwfc script as root
7. Follow the online instructions
Access to the Citrix server at MPOW is secured using SSL. Unfortunately it
uses a certificate that the Citrix software is unable to recognise and when I try
to connect I get an error message similar to the following (The name of the
certificate issuer has been deliberately changed):
You have not chosen to trust “XXX SSL Certificates”, the issuer of the
server’s security certificate (SSL error 61).
To resolve this issue follow these steps, assuming you have installed the client
into the default location:
Navigate to the following directory
1. Copy the certificates that Firefox uses into the directory above
sudo cp /usr/share/ca-certificates/mozilla/* ./
2. The certificate that the Citrix server uses will now validate successfully.

By: Techxplorer