May 17

DS4700: In-Use hot spare drive will not copy back to a replacement drive

A drive failed our DS4700

After replacing the drive, I was unable to get the drive that took over as a hot spare to copy the data back to the new drive.
I did the following to get around this issue:

1. In system storage DS for the DS4700 click on the Logical Tab.
2. Right click on the storage subsystem with the problem drives.
3. Select replace drives. You will see the failed drive and available drive(s)
– In my case slot 7 failed. ┬áSlot 12 was the in-use hot spare. ┬áThe new drive in slot 7 was showing as an unassigned drive
4. Select the “In-Use Hot Spare”
5. Click Replace Drive
6. Now make the new unassigned drive a hot spare.

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Posted May 17, 2012 by Timothy Conrad in category "SAN

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