October 10

Citrix: Citrix Summary Database XML Parse error

Citrix Summary Database will sometimes get out of sync you will see the following error in “view server log”:

10 October 2011 12:00:53 - System - XML Parse error: Failed to import summary record.
File: [C:Program FilesCitrixCitrix Resource ManagerSummaryFilesSDB610705853.xml] Line: [16], Position: [3]:
End tag 'SummaryRecord' does not match the start tag 'AlertRecord'.
10 October 2011 12:00:53 - System - Failed to import summary file "C:Program FilesCitrixCitrix Resource ManagerSummaryFilesSDB610705853.xml" from host "SRVCTX01".

To fix this start the Citrix Xenapp Advanced Configuration Tool

1. Goto Resource Manager and Click on the Summary Database tab
2. Click configure
3. Remove the checkmark  from the Summary Database enabled status
4. Click OK
5. Click the View Server Log Button
6. With Windows Explorer - Goto the location on the server that is specified in the log file
7. Delete the .XML file
8. Click Configure
9. Replace the check mark to enable the Summary Database
10. Click OK
11. Click Update now
12. Wait until the Update now reappears and see if there are any errors
If there are additional errors repeat the steps above until the error stop
You could also create ascript that could look for a .XML file on all of you servers and delete it if found to speed up this process in the future

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