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Android: android.process.media – high cpu – battery

Android Jelly Bean 4.2 seems to have a problem with the android.process.media consuming a lot of cpu time.
This is normal for short durations like after a reboot as this process scans your device.
With this current issue the media scan never stops as if it is looping or stuck.

I have read pages of possible solutions.  Here is what worked for me.

Goto – Settings – Application manager – All
Select Media Storage – Press Force Stop – Press Clear data

Again under Application Manager – All
Goto the Android Keyboard (The one you use as your default keyboard)
Select Media Storage – Press Force Stop – Press Clear data
Your device will probably warn you about the fact you are clearing this data.  Press to accept it.


Once your device has rebooted the android.process.media process will rescan your sdcard(s).  After several minutes of high cpu usage you should see this drop off.
To watch the process, open a terminal app and type: top -n 1 -m 10

After the reboot I had to go back into keyboard setting and reset my default keyboard to the one I just cleared.