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V7000: Link Tolerance Settings for Mirroring


The following setting should probably only be change when copying data between two V7000’s or SVC’s in the same Datacenter.
This is especially true if the two SANs are less than 3 “hops” away. The default setting is for 5 minutes.  A setting of serveral hours is potentially more appropriate  when copying data with in the same datacenter.  A setting of “0” is the same as turning of link tolerance

svctask chcluster -gmlinktolerance <seconds>  to change the ‘link tolerance’ setting.

-gmlinktolerance link_tolerance
(Optional) Specifies the length of time, in seconds, for which an inadequate intercluster link is tolerated for a Global Mirror operation. The parameter accepts values from 10 to 400 seconds in steps of 10 seconds. The default is 300 seconds. You can disable the link tolerance by entering a value of zero (0) for this parameter.

You can use the following parameters to provide the best protection against horrible vmware timeout management:
link tolerance =20
max hostdelay =8

To display the chcluster configuration type:
svcinfo lscluster

To see a more in depth list type the following:
svcinfo lscluster -delim : systemname