November 18

Linux: Satellite – Content host error Could not calculate errata status

When re registering a Red HAt server into Satellite Katello does not always want to update properly. Below is the fix. After forcing the katello upload it can take 10 to 15 minutes for the updating process to complete:
On Red Hat Satellite 6 Web UI, Content host error Could not calculate errata status, ensure host is registered and katello-agent is installedSolution Verified – Updated July 26 2018 at 4:48 PM – EnglishEnvironment
    Red Hat Satellite 6.x
    Katello Agent status says Could not calculate errata status, ensure host is registered and katello-agent is installed
    Make sure the katello-agent package is installed from Red Hat Satellite 6.x Tools for RHEL Server RPMS repository.
# yum info katello-agent  | grep -i repo  
# repoquery -i katello-agent | grep -i repository
    Verify if port #5647 of Satellite is reachable from the content host. Also verify if the goferd service is running, we can also restart it.
# telnet 5647
# service goferd status
# service goferd restart
    If the above requirements are all fulfilled, run one-time package upload task to calculate the errata.
# katello-package-upload -f
    Running the above command will create a package profile update task on Red Hat Satellite Web UI.
    Check it from Satellite Web UI -> Monitor -> Tasks, search using “label ~ Actions::Katello::Host::UploadPackageProfile”
Root Cause
    katello-agent was installed from rhel-7-server-optional-rpms repository.

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