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Linux: Red Hat – Change Ethernet name – Remove old ethernet devices

When running a linux system in a virtual environment the ethernet card may be assigned a new MAC address  when cloning or changing VLANS.
When this happens the ether net increments by one.  Eg. eth0, eth1, eth2

If you are experiencing this you can manually change your eth name by doing the following:

1. Type: ifconfig – and note the  MAC address of your ethernet card

2. vi /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules

3.  Look for the lines that start with: SUBSYSTEM==”net”   – Check to see if your MAC address matches

4. You can safely remove any line that does not have a matching MAC address.

5. After removing these you should be left with a single line that includes your MAC address.  At the end of this line change NAME=”eth?” to NAME=”eth0″

Save your file and reboot.