November 18

Linux: Pull transever information from fiber/fibre sfp

ethtool -m p2p2

Identifier : 0x03 (SFP)
Extended identifier : 0x04 (GBIC/SFP defined by 2-wire interface ID)
Connector : 0x07 (LC)
Transceiver codes : 0x10 0x00 0x000x01 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00
: => 10G Ethernet: 10G Base-SR
: => Ethernet: 1000BASE-SX
Encoding : 0x06 (64B/66B)
BR, Nominal : 10300MBd
Rate identifier : 0x02 (8/4/2G Rx Rate_Select only)
Length (SMF,km) : 0km
Length (SMF) : 0m
Length (50um) : 80m
Length (62.5um) : 30m
Length (Copper) : 0m
Length (OM3) : 300m
Laser wavelength : 850nm
Vendor name : Intel Corp
Vendor OUI : 00:1b:21
Vendor PN : FTLX8571D3BCVIT1
Vendor rev : A

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Posted November 18, 2021 by Timothy Conrad in category "Linux

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