November 1

Linux: Command Line to monitor a websites status

Steps to monitor a website using curl:
1. Create the main script file
2. Create a site list file
3. Create a cron job

1. main scripts
Working directory /home/username/scripts

vi /home/username/scripts/checkmysites


SITESFILE=/home/usernamescripts/sites.txt #list the sites you want to monitor in this file
EMAILS=”[email protected]” #list of email addresses to receive alerts (comma separated)

while read site; do
if [ ! -z “${site}” ]; then

checker=$(/usr/bin/curl -s –head -L –request GET $site) #The -L is very important to handle load balancer redirects

if echo $checker | grep “200 OK” > /dev/null
echo “The HTTP server on ${site} is up!”

MESSAGE=”This is an alert from MonitoringServer1 that the connection to the website ${site} has failed to respond.”

for EMAIL in $(echo $EMAILS | tr “,” ” “); do
SUBJECT=”The connection to $site (http) Failed”
echo “$MESSAGE” | mail -s “$SUBJECT” $EMAIL
echo “Alert sent to $EMAIL”

2. Site list file
Working directory /home/username/scripts

vi /home/username/scripts/sites.txt

3. Cron job
crontab -e

* * * * * /home/username/scripts/./checkmysites

Initial script by: Axel
Script modifications and expansions by: Timothy Conrad

Copyright 2021. All rights reserved.

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