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VMWARE: Removing old hardware from Windows after a P2V conversion

1. Open a Windows command prompt and type the following: set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 This sets an environment variable that tells the device manager to show all non-present devices. 2. At the same command prompt, type devmgmt.msc …which launches the device manager application. Do not try and launch it through the graphical user interface (GUI) instead as

VMWARE: Cannot delete a datastore from virtual center

Configuring an ESX host fails with the error: DestroyVmfsDatastore: can’t delete partition 1 on lun naa.5000cca216d1588 (1017104) Symptoms Unable to configure the ESX host You see the error: Error during the configuration of the host:DestroyVmfsDatastore: can’t delete partition 1 on lun naa.5000cca216d1588 A direct session to the ESX host does not resolve this issue Resolution

VMWARE: VMWARE View and USB issues – configuration

Configuring USB device filters and redirecting Human Interface Devices (HIDs) in View Client Purpose This article provides information about Human Interface Devices not being redirected as a standard practice in VMware View, and information on how to get them to redirect if necessary. By default, View Client for Windows excludes certain devices from the drop-down

VMware: View 4.5 Command Line Usage

Launching commands for View Client. -desktopName XXX Desktop to autostart -domainName XXX Domain for server login -file XXX File with additional command line parameters -languageId XXX LCID of language to use (if available), e.g. 0×409 for English -nonInteractive Suppress error message boxes for fully scripted startup -password XXX Password for server login -smartCardPIN XXX PIN

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