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Powershell: Creating an endless loop in your script

Sometimes when scripting you need to create a never ending loop while your script either waits for some other task to complete or repeats a task over and over again. There are two ways people tend to go about creating loops in Powershell, but one of them will eventually leave your script in a heap.

PHP: Read the contents of files in a directory

Here is a basic php script to read the contents of “text” files in a directory. <form> <center> <div> IP’s of all clients</br></br> <?php foreach (glob(“workstations/*”) as $file) { $file_handle = fopen($file, “r”); while (!feof($file_handle)) { $line = fgets($file_handle); echo $line; } fclose($file_handle); echo ‘<br>’; } ?> </div> </center> </form>

Perl: cpan reload error

When trying to reload cpan¬†I was also getting an error about “………01mailrc.txt.gz” Started cspan At the promt cpan{1}> type: reload index There was a notification that there is a newer version of cpan At the promt cpan{1}> type: install CPAN The new version of CPAN was downloaded and installed At the promt cpan{1}> type: reload

Programming: Perl

cpan reload error Finding A Perl Module’s Path Running IBM’s balance.pl from SVCTools on Centos/Red Hat

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